About Fit2Be

Fit2Be is an energetic, boutique Personal Training Studio located in South Perth, Western Australia. Our team have over 20 years experience in developing exercise programs and motivating clients to achieve the results they desire.

With expertise in all facets of group and individual exercise training, we can assist you to achieve your specific health and fitness goals. Our point of difference is our knowledge and experience with program design targeting achievement of results so you can be Fit2Be … who you want to be.

Mission Statement

Fit2Be Personal trainers are a team of dynamic individuals who share a passion for motivating and supporting people achieve their goals.

By encouraging and empowering clients to take responsibility for their health and fitness, our trainers are assisting people become Fit for their Lives and individual aspirations.

Fit2Be Training programs are our key point of difference with our focus on client service and results underpinning our philosophies and solutions. Training with a Fit2Be Personal Trainer is insightful, motivating and fun!

Our People

Matt Gooch

(Human Movement Bachelor Physical and Health Education UWA)

With over 15 years in the Personal Training and Rehabilitation industries, Matt has significant expertise with Personal and Group Training.  He has a passion for helping others achieve their goals and become who they want to be.

“To be involved in health and fitness was an easy fit for me as I have always played sport and love the feeling of being healthy.”

Ask a question

Send us an email with your question and one of our trainers will get back to you asap.